Friday, September 10, 2010

Trying new things

For as long as I have known Tyler, he has had a very awful color of blue painted on the walls of his room. It was enough to give anyone in their right mind a headache. So, we randomly decided to paint. I have never really painted a room without the council and direction of my mother so I was a little nervous I was going to paint everything poorly. But, as we moved most of his furniture out, the natural excitement overwhelmed my nerves. Turns out I am a much better painter than Tyler. lol. It did take us much longer than we had anticipated and I learned that I can become very bossy and controlling in such situations, but we achieved wonderful results! not only did we end up painting the room, but now Tyler has a new entertainment center and decor! Not to mention a MUCH needed new bed comforter, as his old (but "awesome" as he put it) comforter was falling apart and had been for the past 5 years. I had so much fun and feel so accomplished every time I go into his room!

A couple weeks later, Tyler's dad, Pat, invited us to go up to the hills and shoot some of his guns. I was really excited. I had shot guns before and thought i was going to impress Tyler with my skills. :) Well, I had not expected size and power of the guns that Pat had brought. We started out with the single shot Pat has had since he was 12 years old, and that was simple. I hit the target (not anywhere good but I hit it!) Then, Pat pulled out a handgun. I didn't hit anything with that one. lol. But I did receive a nice ringing in my ears. I thought I would be tough and let the boys wear the only ear plugs. Once Pat pulled out the shotgun and I shot off a couple shells, I decided to take turns wearing plugs when shooting. Shooting that shotgun was such a rush. But we still had two more guns to shoot. The next one looked a lot like an M16 but shot bigger bullets. The kick back on that one took me by surprise. lol. Then, Pat went to the back of his pick up and pulled out a very large gun case. When he opened it I found there was a very intimidating rifle inside. He also pulled out a little square piece of steel that we were to shoot at from way too far away. I decided to be a girl and shoot it from a little closer than the boys but I am very proud to say that I hit that piece of steel from about 50 feet away. :) Tyler and Pat hit it from way up on a hill. I was very impressed. Tyler's brother, Jacob, shot from where I shot and finally hit it as well. I can not wait to go out and try again. And I will be sure to actually wear shoes other than my flip flops. lol.

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