Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life Goes On

So much has happened since my last post! Funny how life keeps going even tho your blog doesn't. lol. First of all, I lost my job with Jensen Jewelers. It was a new challenge I haven't yet had to deal with in my life. It took a little bit to find a new job and by the time I did, I had fallen into a stressful mess. I started back at chili's as a host at close to no hours and little pay. But it was a job and I was grateful. Then, after a month-long hiring proses, I started at the hospital in the nutrition services department. I did both jobs for a while and recently moved to just working full time at the hospital. It has been very interesting learning everything. I meet a lot of different people. What a blessing this job has been! it will truly be a huge learning experience in my life.

Just in time for the fourth of July, I decided to drive my car down to Blackfoot for the Miles family party. Well, I made it to Shelley when my car died. Turns out I blew the engine. Luckily, there was a family nice enough to stop and help me while i waited for my Dad to come up and get my car home. Conveniently, the gentleman was a mechanic. He opened my hood and tried to tell me some good news. As he looked I could see his expression slowly get more and more grim. after we let the motor cool down a bit he put some water in my engine to see if we could get it running long enough to drive it the block to my parents house. As he dumped water into the engine, oil spewed out the middle of the motor like old faithful. I was pretty sure that was NOT suppose to happen, so my spirits were beat down a little more. I am so lucky my parents are the best EVER; they let me drive their car until i got back on my feet.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday in the middle of my near mental breakdown. Tyler took me to his grandma's cabin at bear lake. It was so relaxing! (minus the smell of his car from the skunk we hit on our way down. lol.) The cabin was HUGE! We stayed in the biggest room with the biggest most comfortable bed I have ever known. The view of the stunning blue lake was breathtaking.

Tyler made sure to spoil me rotten. =) He cooked a fantastic dinner and watched all the chick flicks I wanted.

On the way home, we stopped at Soda Springs. It was fun, especially due to the fact we had arrived at the same time a tour bus full of older couples.

Before we hit the road again we followed ALL those older folks to the bathroom. There were two stalls in the women's bathroom. So while standing in line forever I got to talk to the women around me. One woman made it a point to tell me how good looking my "husband" was. haha. He reminded her of her husband when he was young. lol.

Now, I have been working my butt off at the hospital and slowly but surely making it through. I would not be able to make it if i didn't have such a wonderful family and amazing boyfriend. I am learning so much about myself and couldn't be happier. ( I could be richer, but I suppose that will just have to wait. lol)


  1. Keep the new posts coming. Sure do love ya!

  2. Ok so I did post something before. But it looks like it never went through. So I agree with mom you should keep posting haha. Love ya!