Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Puka Nut

I remember that little girl with the biggest brown eyes and sweetest smile. Then the goofy girl with a big hole in her mouth where a tooth used to be. You use to live in your swim suit. It use to take us hours to clean our bedroom, mostly because we would quickly get distracted by talking. Back in the day when our biggest worry was making it look like we had been cleaning when Mom came in to check on us. Now I look into those same big brown eyes and see a woman. And I wonder where those days went. It seems like yesterday we were laying in the dark, me looking at the ceiling and you at the bottom of my bed, talking about life's "problems." Mostly mine. And even then you would tell me it would be ok. I never saw that it was you that helped me through most of life. I wish I had realized back then how special you are. It still amazes me how much you have grown in just those few short years. I have never met a more kind and selfless person in my whole life. A good majority of our lives you would just listen. Even when I was in the wrong, which was most of the time, you still opened your heart to me. I could never even try to express how blessed I am to have you as a sister. After everything I have put you through you are still right there with open arms and a big smile. I am so proud of the woman you have become, and the woman you have yet to become. You are going to make a wonderful wife and and even better mother. (Even if it might take a little bit of getting use to on my part). I love you Shanny and I always will.



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  1. You made me cry!! I love you. And I know you haven't always done the right things in your life. But no matter what you'll always be my sister and I will love you no matter what you do to make me mad. [I do my best not to show it :)]But I know you have to go through it yourself before you realize I was always right and you were wrong. But that's part of why you wouldn't be my sister if you didn't do that. You'll get to where I'm at someday... Even if Tyler is the one standing next to you I'll be happy. And even though you say you're only going to have maybe one kid... I think once you have that baby in your arms you'll want dozens more :) and if not you can come visit me whenever!